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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary Give some writing tips for effective writing.

  • Give some writing tips for effective writing.

    Posted by Aruja on May 23, 2021 at 1:27 pm

    Give some writing tips for effective writing.

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    Sakchi replied 2 years, 4 months ago 6 Members · 5 Replies
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  • Sakchi

    May 26, 2021 at 10:56 am
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    For any writing , the writer should know what is the theme and way of writing . Writing is also a kind of Communication skills. Before writing a person should be a proper listener and reader so that he should be a good writer . Writing is one of the big tasks as it considers lots of things

    Theme of writing

    We must know what we are going to write or we must properly understand the question . For a better experience we must collect data about the topic , think about it then only we start writing . Also try to write in your own words always this will increase your Communication skills.

    Grammatical errors

    Knowledge of grammer and how to frame any sentance should be must other wise your sentance becomes meaningless. You should know where to apply present tense , past tense and so on.

    Increase your vocabulary

    By doing this you will become a good writer as when you develop a habit of maintaining your vocabulary then you are able to learn new words and you become confidant while writing.

    Read good books and novels

    Reading is a very good habit . When you develop a habit to read something everyday . You are aware how to frame a attractive sentences , where to apply punctuation marks and so on .

    Practise tough words

    Yes this seems to be child’s work but you know many marks are deducted in exams due to spelling mistakes . If you have doubt in any spelling than do practise it.

    Practise everyday

    Just try to write one paragraph everyday on any topic . And cross check your content through grammarly site or any other site

    Join online English language sites

    If you wish more than you may get subscription of English channel where you can learn how to write English etc.

    These are the some tips foe effective writing skills.

    Thank you!!

  • Shweta

    May 24, 2021 at 11:33 am
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    The writings are the paragraphs, essays or any story whatever it may be, the writing should be effective. Effective in the sense, your writing should attract the reader, it should not bore the reader. The way of your writing shows your mentality that how much you think and how creatively you put it in your words in a page.

    So while writing, to make it effective, you should keep some points in your mind.

    1) choosing a topic

    If you are writing an essay, you will get an options. You should be wise enough to choose your topic. Choose the topic in which you have more ideas and you think you can write it well.

    2) think before you write

    You should think the points before your writing so that while writing you just write in a flow. Make a small points and write it in a paper and elaborate the points to make it an essay. By doing such, you will be able to remember all the points.

    3) don’t make the whole as philosophy

    While writing any essay or writing, add some story to make it more effective and interesting. Don’t write philosophical sentences in whole writing.

    4) make it creative.

    Add different words, quotations and sentences to make your writing creative. Think before you write that what different you can think. This thing will make the reader to read your writing in an interesting manner.

    Think before you write because not everybody gets the interest in reading everyone’s writing.

  • Anushree

    May 25, 2021 at 6:48 pm
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    Writing is one of the major skills which is required everywhere, therefore writings are taught in every academic courses. Writing is an important aspect of communication skill and can portray a lot of feeling, necessity and every bit of a person. Writing is broadly classified into formal writing and informal writing. Formal writings are mainly required in professional field and for other official purposes, Formal writings include formal letter, job application, formal email, notice writing, report writing, research writing and many more, whereas informal writings are the one which we generally write to our close friends or family like text messages, informal letter etc.

    Some basic guidelines which one should keep in mind while composing a writeup are:

    1. The content should be meaningful and one should not spin a single information in various expression.

    2. Use of good words and rich vocabulary enhances the quality and gives a good impression to the reader.

    3. One should be very cautious about spelling mistakes and should avoid them as much as possible.

    4. Use of proper punctuation and maintaining paragraph also adds on to the quality of the writing.

    5. Whatever one writes should be lucid and understandable and should make sense.

    Good writing skills are much important to communicate in today’s date and one should practice more and more writing in order to master the task.

  • Mahima

    May 25, 2021 at 11:46 pm
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    Maybe you want to increase your vocabulary or write a certain amount of words every day. You can’t do something until you have a target, so write it down and work for it.


    If you’re not used to writing, getting started on a large writing project can be daunting. To get used to the mental and physical idea of writing, practice this ability every day, whether it’s a short sentence or a whole essay.


    Do some analysis reading before you start writing. When you read up on your subject material, take notes. When you do analysis, ideas will emerge


    You can get inspired at any moment. Don’t forget a compelling customer pitch, a poetic line, or a memorable project name. Build a notice file on your mobile or write it down in a dedicated notebook.


    Using a prompt is one of the easiest writing tips for young authors. There are a plethora of writing prompts available online that are appropriate for a variety of genres. Choose one that piques your interest and inspires you to be inventive.


    Start with an overview if you always find yourself rambling without a simple structure. To get organized right away, use this easy, no-fail outlining method.


    Writing in the active voice makes the writing come alive by allowing the subject to function on the verb. An active voice conveys trust and self-assurance, and it’s also a perfect way to cut down on unnecessary words in your prose.


    typos and grammatical errors make you seem unprofessional. Before you file an email, scan it for errors and correct them. When your correspondence is error-free, you’ll look your best!

  • Soniya

    May 26, 2021 at 1:24 am
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    Writing is an art and unfortunately not everyone is an artist. Writing can be easy for some people but for some people it can be really hard. And as we all know practice makes a man perfect so basically the key to writing good content is practice. Firstly to begin with, just take any topic that you like. And start gathering all the thoughts that you can think about the topic at this moment. After you have gathered nearly 5 to 10 points you can now start structuring them. It is always good to begin your writing with the relevant quotes. If you can remember something that is relevant to your current topic then you can take it but make sure that you don’t forget to quote the name of the author who gave that quote. If you dont remember any quote relevant to your topic then you can also create some of your own rhyming lines they would also work perfectly fine.

    Next part you can start asking questions to yourself like if your topic is about tree then first ask yourself what is a tree and your first paragraph is ready. The first paragraph in general is the introduction of the topic.

    Now as you have structured your thoughts so you can begin with the next paragraph and ask yourself questions like what when how what are the remedies for it etc.

    Always end your topic with the conclusion that summarises the main remedies that you found to battle the causes that threaten your topic.

    Always use connector words in middle of the sentences such as however ,further more ,simultaneously, nevertheless etc.

    Never write plagiarized content and always give due references to the sites from where you have taken the facts.

    Check on your spellings and grammatical errors thoroughly before sending your write up review.

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