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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Xylem and pholem.

  • Aashutosh

    June 3, 2021 at 8:33 pm
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    1. Xylem is the complex tissue of plants whose primary function is to transport water and other nutrients to the plants.

    2. Xylem consists of dead cells (parenchyma is the only living cell present in the xylem).

    3. Xylem compromises of vessels, fiber, and tracheids.

    4. Xylem is located in the center of the vascular bundle, deep in the plant.

    5. Their movement is unidirectional.

    6. Xylem transports only minerals and water from the roots.

    7. Xylem is the dead tissue at maturity, but no cell contents.

    8. In the xylem, the conducting cells or tracheary cells are dead.

    9. Xylem constitutes most part of the plant body.

    10. Provide mechanical support.


    1. Phloem is living tissue whose primary function is to transport food and other organic materials.

    2. Phloem compromises of fibers, sieve tubes, sieve cells, phloem parenchyma, and companion cells.

    3. Phloem is located on the outer side of the vascular bundle.

    4. Their movement is bidirectional.

    5. Phloem forms a small part of the plant body.

    6. Phloem forms a small part of the plant body.

    7. In phloem, the conducting cells are living.

    8. Does not provide mechanical support.

    9. Phloem is the living tissue, but not with the nucleus.

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