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Activity Discussion Essay You don’t want to be…..?

  • Bhavya

    June 11, 2023 at 7:07 pm
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    Different people have different aims and when you start exploring yourself and your life, you get to know what you like and don’t want to be in life or as a person. When I was a kid, I used to think that some people are impudent and discourteous towards others and I don’t like that and sometimes made me impatient.

    Once I saw an accident and no one went to the body to save him or call the hospital or ambulance which showed that people in today’s era are heartless and I never wanted to be like them. I wanted to help people, be kind to animals and most importantly teach students with politeness, humbleness, and patience. As a teacher, I teach with utmost patience and never lose it throughout the teaching-learning process. The learning process is made fun through the play-way method.

    There is a quote saying – ‘The elite class will never want the poor to get rich because this will decrease their power in the society.’

    This quote shows the bitter truth of society and how the vicious cycle works. But due to this, the suffering of the poor is justified just to maintain the position and aura?

    Today, I try to help the needy and want to decrease the gap between rich and poor and I will try to contribute to it as much as I can (through charity, going vegan, or working with NGO etc).

    Being a teacher, I will try to teach children sensitivity toward the world and hope every parent will teach their children to help others and be kind.

    Show people that humanity still exists in society.

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