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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What happens when metals react with acids? Reply To: What happens when metals react with acids?

  • Gyaneshwari

    May 7, 2021 at 2:17 pm
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    Acid is a corrosive liquid. However when it reacts with some objects or metals it produces some gas.
    Most metals react with acids, but not all. Nevertheless, not all metals react in the same way to acids.

    When an acid reacts with metal, salt and hydrogen gas are produced.

    The general equation that describes the chemical reaction between an acid and metal is :- metal + acid = salt + hydrogen gas.


    Zinc powder reacts with hydrochloric acid that releasesH<sub>2</sub> gas and zinc chloride.


    These reactions are exothermic reactions. The reaction rate depends on the metal used and how high up it is in the reactivity series.

    Hydrogen can be tested in such chemical reactions by the squeaky pop sound it produces when burnt after the metal acid reaction with the help of a candle or any other fire source.

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