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Activity Discussion Essay How to make an essay attractive? Reply To: How to make an essay attractive?

  • Ishita

    May 9, 2021 at 6:26 pm
    Not Helpful

    In our school and college we have essay writing in our syllabus.There are many of us who can think that essay writing is a big deal.But you are wrong if follow the little instructions which I’m going to give you, you would never be fearful of writing an essay.When you are writing an essay you have to follow the instructions which were given like( word limit). There are many types of essay writing like biographical, adventures and on social issues etc. So there are different method of make your different kinds of essay attractive. Like-

    1) Always follow the word limit– If you thought that your essay writing efficiency are base on how many pages you can write then it is wrong. If write unnecessary things to make it bigger then you should stop it, it’s can make your teacher irritate. So always follow the instructions to make your essay attractive.

    2) Grammars– Always focus on your grammar.To make a sentence perfect and beautiful you have to look at your grammar and make sure it isn’t worg.Grammar is the pedestal of any sentence.

    3) correct sentence– If you don’t use correct sentences on essay writing then it will make your all effort waste. Always make shure that the sentences you are writing are always correct.

    4) accurate information– Always put the correct information when you are writing an essay. Like if your sentences are correct but what you’re writing are wrong information it will make your whole essay inappropriate. No matter how much correct and beautiful sentence you write if you write wrong information it makes all worthless.

    5) Organization– Organization is the most important part in any writing skills. Always try to write beautifully and neatly it will make attractive any writing not only an essay writing but also all writing skills. While you are writing an essay always underline the tittle of the essay. It will make your essay attractive and accurate.

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