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Activity Discussion Environment Why we need to manage natural resources. Reply To: Why we need to manage natural resources.

  • Tejasri

    May 10, 2021 at 11:50 am
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    Natural resources are the resources which exist naturally without any human kind of help. There are several types of natural resources, some of them include Sun, forests, minerals, oil, water, air, soil, rock, animals etc.

    The management of natural resources is very important and plays a crucial role in everyone’s life. It is very important to preserve our natural resources before their extinction.

    It is very important to protect them to balance our ecosystem and also to see the destruction of our environment.. It is very easy to destroy anything but it is so difficult to build it again. The natural resources are the resources that occurred naturally and they are to be preserved for our future generations. They play a crucial role in everyone’s life. Without the natural resources it is very difficult to run one’s life. In order to use the natural resources For the future generations, we have to preserve it. Preserving doesn’t mean not using rather it means to use in limits. The individual should not look for someone else to do it instead they should do it without any problem. The individual must bring awareness among the mankind.

    Now, let’s look into some of the methods to preserve the natural resources.

    1. We can reduce ,reuse and recycle the natural resources.

    2. Volunteer and clean up your society and also their minds.

    3. Bring awareness among the people and educate them the need of the natural resources and what if they are endangered.

    4. Tell the people the easiest and shortest methods to conserve the natural resources.

    5. The natural resources can be managed by planting trees.

    6. One of the natural resources, that is water can be preserved by using it wisely. We can reduce the uses of water and can use the water accordingly.

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