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  • Tejasri

    May 11, 2021 at 12:58 pm
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    Plastic waste is the waste produced by the plastic after its usage. The plastic waste has reached in very higher amounts nowadays. Putting their needs and uses aside, it is very important to save our mother earth from the plastic waste.

    Now a days, it has become the most prominent problem in the whole world. It is not an individual problem but it is the whole nation’s problem. Here and there we can see the plastic covers, plastic glasses, plastic wrappers etc. are seen on the road sides. It is very important to not throw them on the roadside because some of the animals consume the plastic instead of the food they are eating. And it has become the threat to their lives. To reduce the uses of plastic and to see your mother that there are some alternatives,

    1. We can use Jute bags instead of the plastic bags which create harm to the nature. The Jute bags are eco-friendly and are easily degradable. Using jute bags helps us to reduce the uses of plastic bags to some extent. The use of plastic is reduced to some extent with jute bags.

    2. Plastic glasses can be replaced by the paper glasses. Nowadays we can see the portable paper glasses which are highly recommended as they are eco-friendly and easy degradable.

    3. We can replace plastic bottles by the copper bottles or some other bottles. The use of plastic bottles are very high, so we can replace the plastic bottles with the alternatives.

    In one or the other way, we must try to reduce the use of plastic to some extent. It’s very important to be responsible towards our Mother Earth. It’s not one’s problem, rather it is nation’s problem. So, one must try to reduce the use of plastic and must motivate others to reduce the usage.

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