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Activity Discussion Environment What is environmental pollution? How is it caused? Reply To: What is environmental pollution? How is it caused?

  • Nehal

    May 12, 2021 at 9:24 pm
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    In simple language, environment Pollution is the addition of contaminants into the natural environment that causes detrimental effects to nature, natural resources and mankind. Any unnatural and negative changes in all the dimensions like chemical, physical and biological characteristics of any component of the ecosystem i.e. air, water or soil which can cause harmful effects on various forms of life and property is called environmental pollution.

    Environmental pollution is not a new phenomenon, yet it remains the world’s greatest problem facing humanity, and the leading environmental causes of morbidity and mortality. When man’s shifted from urban areas to industrial are , mining and exploration are the main reason of global environmental pollution. Pollution must be taken seriously, as it has a negative effect on natural elements that are an absolute need for life to exist on earth, such as water and air. Indeed, without it, or if they were present in different quantities, animals – including humans – and plants could not survive. We can identify several types of pollution on Earth: air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. We humans are main factors of environment pollution. The seeped at which developments are happening we are destroying our nature from our hand.

    What causes pollutants?

    Any substance which causes harmful effects or uneasiness in the organisms, then that particular substance may be called as the pollutant.

    The materials that cause pollution are of two types:

    1. Persistent pollutants: Those pollutants which remain consistent in the environment for a long period of time without any change in its original form are called persistent pollutants. For example pesticides, nuclear wastes, and plastics etc.

    2. Non-persistent pollutants: These pollutants are the opposite of persistent pollutant and break down in the simple form. If this process of breaking down is done by living organisms, then such pollutants are referred to as biodegradable pollutants.

    Main reason of the destruction are-

    1. Industrial Growth – Industries have been polluting our environment, especially since the beginning of the industrial revolution, as mentioned above, notably due to the increasing use of fossil fuels. In the 19th century and for a significant part of the 20th century, coal has been used to make machines work faster, replacing human force. At the same time, if the tanker transporting petrol from its production plant to the place where it will be consumed leaks or sinks, the water will get contaminated.

    2. Increased use of Transportation – Ever since men abandoned animal power to travel, pollution of the environment has become higher and higher. Its levels have only been increasing until now. Similarly to industries, pollution caused by transport can mainly be attributed to fossil fuels.

    3. Agricultural Activities – Agriculture is mainly responsible for the contamination of water and soil. This is caused by the increased use of pesticides, as well as by the intensive character of its production. Almost all pesticides are made from chemical substances and are meant to keep diseases and threatening animals away from the crops.

    4. People shifting from rural to urban areas – In search of job opportunities people have started migrating. They have starting converting forests into Residential areas, which also provide their fair share of pollution as well. First, to be able to build homes, the natural environment has to be destroyed in one way or another.

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