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Activity Discussion Environment Why there is a need to conserve water? Reply To: Why there is a need to conserve water?

  • Anushree

    May 12, 2021 at 9:54 pm
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    The Earth is known as the blue planet, with a huge conserve of water. It is known that 70.8% of the Earth surface is consisted of water but even after that we face water crisis in our everyday life. This is because 97.5% of the available water is salt water which is not suitable for consumption. Salt water is to be treated and needs to be run through a lot of checks which is neither cost efficient nor fully safe for consumption. Among the 2.5% of fresh water available on the surface of the earth only 0.03% is available in the regular liquid form for use, the rest of the water is frozen in the glaciers and ice caps.

    In this hour of crisis with this less amount of usable water ever increasing water pollution its high time for conserving water, to make water resources sustainable and save water for the future generations. Also, the ever-growing population accounts for the urge to save water as without water it is impossible to sustain life on earth. Water is necessary for crops to grow which is our basic necessity.

    Some basic everyday measure which we should necessarily take to conserve water:

    1. Turn off taps when not in use.

    2. Use rain water harvesting techniques.

    3. Recycle water

    4. Use bucket instead of taking a sower

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