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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on positive approach towards life. Reply To: Write an essay on positive approach towards life.

  • Manpreet

    May 13, 2021 at 2:26 am
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    To deal with any situation keeping a positive attitude, that is, to act optimistically is known as positive approach.

    You might have heard phrases like- see the glass as half full. This means to look on the positive side. The glass is half empty, that’s true. But if we look on the positive side, it’s half full too. You can either stress over stuffs or think differently, a bit positively. It’s easier to point out mistakes but the solution lies within. You may criticize someone easily . And that’s, at times, good but that is a negative approach – just to criticize and to leave things. No! You can always look for solutions and alternatives. Thus, you just have to change the way you take things. Life becomes easier if you start dealing with things positively.

    1. If you don’t like something or find a problem in something, instead of criticizing it, try to find an alternative as to how you can overcome it.

    2. Do you start panicking in troublesome situations?? Well, if that’s the case ask yourself one thing- ‘will this sort things out?’
    Obviously not!! Panicking over anything will not solve the problem. Thinking about a solution will do. Panic will create stress and you will eventually lose your mind and the problem which might be on a scale of 6/10 will start appearing as 10/10 difficult. Every problem comes with a solution. And if you don’t find any, leave things on time. Things will eventually fall into place. You need to maintain your calm at all costs. As said, being positive makes life easier.

    3. Talk about your problems- if you find it difficult then share your problems with friends and family. They can help you through this. Keeping things in mind and not talking to anyone will do no good. It will just eat you up and your overthinking will increase many fold. Thus, it’s always wise to ask for help.

    4. Read good books, to keep yourself motivated. There’s a hope in everything. Even a small ant struggles for its life, we are humans with a well developed physique and intelligence. We can do much better. Thus, keeping oneself motivated through books and poems plays an important role in maintaining a positive attitude.

    5. Do not hesitate to learn and adapt. If someone goes against or criticizes your work or points out your mistake, don’t get disheartened. In fact, look on the positive side, that is, you got a chance to learn more. Grab that opportunity and learn from your mistakes. With each mistake you head towards perfection, provided you learn from your mistakes.

    Try this for once. Life becomes way more easier and happier when you start dealing with problems with a positive attitude. The more you think positively the more you attract and spread positivity. We are in a world where most of the people are living with anxiety and depression. Having a positive outlook will help you stay healthy and calm.

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