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Activity Discussion General Discussion What is the process of communication? Reply To: What is the process of communication?

  • Mahima

    May 13, 2021 at 10:19 am
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    Communication is the process of exchanging information, facts, ideas, and understanding from one person to another. The word communication is derived from the Latin word “communis” which means to share.

    It is a two-way process.

    Communication is required at all levels of management, and by all people.


    1.Feedback is essential to communication. Success or failure is decided by the feedback. Feedback enables us to know whether the message sent by the receiver is understood in the same sense as send by the sender.

    2. It is an ongoing process required at all levels of management and in all kinds of organizations.

    3.It consists not only of facts but ideas and emotions too that can happen through signs, symbols, and gestures.

    4.It is a dynamic process.

    5.It is a goal-oriented process.

    6. It is an interdisciplinary science that is derived from several sciences.


    a. Sender: The sender is the one who develops the idea and initiates the process of communication.

    b.Message: It means the information, content, facts, etc that has to be transmitted. This is the main purpose why the communication process is initiated.

    c.Encode: Sender determines the method of transmission that is it is to be sent in the way of symbols, charts, or words.

    d.Media: The sender chooses the channel through which the message can be transmitted. The media can be a fax, email, internet, telephone, etc.

    e. Decoding: It is the process of converting the message into an understandable form. The sender wants the receiver to understand the message exactly as intended.

    f. Receiver- The receiver is the one to whom the message is sent. Once the message is received by the receiver and he understands as intended by the receiver then only the purpose of the whole communication process is fulfilled.

    g. Feedback: It is the process of giving a response to the message as sent by the sender. It is the most important step in the process of communication.

    h. Noise- It refers to the barrier in the process of communication. It is the reason for communication failure. For example, a music system playing in the background when two people are interacting over a phone call.


    It depends on three things-

    A. Understandable messages

    B. Credibility of the sender

    C. How the message is affecting the receive

    Thank You.

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