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Activity Discussion Essay Hunger is a bigger concern than Coronavirus. Reply To: Hunger is a bigger concern than Coronavirus.

  • Tejasri

    May 13, 2021 at 3:41 pm
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    Yes, In Indian hunger is the biggest problem than the coronavirus. The pandemic collapsed our economy, health, education etc. In the initial stages of the coronavirus, there are many people who faced plenty of the problems. This is because, everyone is afraid of coming out and to help at least.

    Not only in the initial stages of the coronavirus but also in the second wheel it is a top situation to all the citizens of India. It is a bit OK with the rich person’s but it is the toughest situation to all the poor people and also to the middle class people.

    The rich people who are affected with the coronavirus isolated themselves and are in a separate room. But, when coming to the situation of a poor person it is a deadly task. Basically, the poor person’s house is very small and it is very difficult to isolate themselves from there and the only option they have is that they can stay in the hospital. But, it is also a tough situation because they cannot pay the money.

    Once if the poor man is affected by the coronavirus it is a very drastic situation and And the family must count the days that they have eaten. It is a bit OK with the rich person’s because they have the capacity to buy the food and capacity to get over the Covid but whereas in the condition of the poor person it is a difficult situation.

    Usually, In India the number of poor families are comparatively more. Once a person in the family is affected by the COVID-19 , it is very difficult for the family members to lead the family. That’s the reason why many people are facing the shortage of food and it has become the major problem in India.

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