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Activity Discussion General Discussion Money cannot buy all the happiness. Reply To: Money cannot buy all the happiness.

  • Kumari

    May 13, 2021 at 3:49 pm
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    Money cannot buy happiness. Happiness is something that comes from inside, from inner satisfaction. There are people who are happy in there life even with an average amount of money and there are people who are not happy with a large amount of money. Happines does not comes with things but comes with our family, loved ones, closed people. Money cannot mend broken friendships and relationships. If a person thinks that he will be happy if he buys something that happiness will stay just for a while and then he’ll again be repeating the same process for a different thing and there is not ending of this process and there will be no satisfaction. Happiness is being satisfied with ones own self. Even this pandemic has taught us the value of family, happiness and lives over money. People who are ready for spending all there money on there patient’s treatment but still it cannot be assured that the person will not die. On the present situation we can say that no amount of money in rhe world is capable of giving life to a person. We should work more on ourselves spend time with loved ones and that will lead to our happiness. People who are in grief, pain think that they would have been in a better position if they had money but that is not the truth people who have money are sadder because they are not able to think that why are they not happy if they do have all the money and arrangements for a lavish rich life. So to live a happy life always keep in the the first and the for most point it will not come from money, it will come from career, respect in society,by making our parents proud, by living a balanced life with our partner and many more things.

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