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Activity Discussion Essay Hunger is a bigger concern than Coronavirus. Reply To: Hunger is a bigger concern than Coronavirus.

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 13, 2021 at 6:36 pm
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    The basic needs of human or any living organisms is food,water and shelter. Because the needy must find it out and use. We got all other elements as naturally at this condition we thought that more than food and shelter how oxygen was important. We need food to sustain the life, but not to show the strength of money. Importance of food is equal to everyone one when any type of tasty or tasteless food infront of a starving one. They don’t mind the ingredients, the taste, and the manner of he or she eats. Food is equal to everyone.

    During this pandamic condition everywhere in the country is going through a worst condition. Many people lost their family and their jobs. The rest of the people try to fight to live. They need food to sustain their life and their families life. Most of the farmers too affect with this crisis. So that the production of food items goes down. In many of the middle class families they don’t have any kitchen garden for their daily routines. Many of us depends the market for vegetables and fruits. If we spent some time nature we can make small horticulture in our own home. Our country is going through a very bad crisis. Ee even dont know that when or how it ends. So if we try at present, sometimes it helps us to collect fruits and vegetables to sustain our daily lives.

    Thankyou! 😊

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