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Activity Discussion Science & Technology How many layers of atmosphere are there? Explain the importance of each layer. Reply To: How many layers of atmosphere are there? Explain the importance of each layer.


    May 13, 2021 at 7:06 pm
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    The atmosphere essentially consists of four different layers.

    They are:

    1) Troposphere:

    This is the first layer of the atmosphere. It is positioned exactly on top of the earth’s surface. The distance is zero to ten kilometers. This layer is the one that is responsible for weather and weather changes that are occurring. If we consider the temperature difference, we will see that it is continually rising as we move the layer. The main feature of the troposphere is that contains the oxygen, which we breathe in. This air is essential for every living creature on the planet. It is also known to absorb solar energy as well.

    2) Stratosphere:

    The second layer of the earth’s atmosphere is the. This is higher and thicker. It is spread from ten to fifty kilometers upwards. The temperature condition is quite similar to that of the troposphere. It increases with height/altitude.

    However, the stratosphere is one of the most important layers as it itself contains the ozone layer which is responsible for protecting the earth against ultraviolet radiation. Hence, it is quite true that you cannot breathe in this layer. It contains 15% of the total mass of the atmosphere.

    3)Mesosphere: Coming to the third layer of the atmosphere now. It is spread from fifty to eighty kilometers upwards. The temperature content is quite different here. In fact, it is the coldest layer. The top of the mesosphere is the mesopause, which is known to be the coldest part of the entire atmosphere. The temperature is so low that even the water vapor freezes here. The main responsibility of the mesosphere as a layer is to cancel out the free-falling meteors that attack the earth’s surface at a high speed. They are eliminated and burnt out by gases that cause friction.


    Last but not least is the thermosphere. It is the topmost layer of the earth’s atmosphere. It is spread from eighty to three hundred twenty kilometers upwards. The thermosphere is also known as the hottest layer of the atmosphere. This is so because only a small number of atoms and molecules are present, thus whenever the slightest solar energy is absorbed it gets heated up very quickly. This layer is also the home to another inside layer known as the ionosphere. It is created due to the photodissociation of molecules, creating ions. This ionosphere, in turn, is responsible for all types of radio communications possible on earth.

    These four are the main four layers of the atmosphere. But there is another layer called the “exosphere” on the top mesosphere which is the last blanket that covers all other layers. It is the thinnest layer and is in direct contact with outer space. All of them together make the atmosphere, which as a whole protects the earth as a shield.

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