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Activity Discussion Science & Technology What are volcanoes? Reply To: What are volcanoes?


    May 14, 2021 at 8:22 am
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    Volcanoes or volcanic eruptions are nothing but sudden opening of the crusts of any planet or celestial body and bursting/venting out of hot molten lava directly from the deep core. The occurrence of volcanoes is often calculated but mostly are sudden. The disaster causes a violent release of inside matter that is stored in the core. That molten lava or magma includes rocks, hot gases, vapors and, burning heat. The release is hot and spreads quickly enough. The eruption doesn’t need to take place from the top peak. The process can take place through all the surfaces of the particular peak. The settlement of this molten lava over time makes it more stable. Hence, volcanic mountains are formed.

    Volcanoes can be one of the deadliest natural disasters that can damage thousands and lakhs of lives and their habitats.


    The presence of tectonic plates is known to all. Tectonics plates are floating plates or pieces that constitute the earth’s crust. These plates are in slow continuous motion always. Due to the movement, sometimes they get pushed harder. Thus, the mantle, ie. the layer beneath, is often pushed in turn. A disturbance is encountered hence. The disturbance in turn creates the pressure difference. This pressure difference results in melting down and venting out the hot mantle directly from the core. Thus, initiating a volcanic eruption.

    Not only the pushing and colliding, but the separation of two tectonic plates can also result in creating some additional openings in the earth’s crusts. Naturally, when a gap is encountered, the layer inside and in between tends to rise. Thus, the molten rocks and magma erupt, resulting in forming volcanic eruptions.

    Last but not the least, apart from these actions of the tectonic plates, there are other ways where volcanoes can occur: the hotspot in the mantle. Hotspots regions are those where volcanic eruptions can occur irrespective of the movements of tectonic plates These are super hot areas that are always in the position to make an eruption.

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