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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on misuse of internet. Reply To: Essay on misuse of internet.

  • Sakchi

    May 14, 2021 at 1:24 pm
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    Whenever any technology developed it comes with both positivity and negativity. Technologies are basically for improving our lives and making it easier in all aspects. Internet is a gratest technology among all. Firstly I would love to define “what is an internet” .

    So , Internet is a globally connected network . It is spreaded widely to every place.

    Any one have access to internet and anyone can use it . It is costly but it has become necessity now a days.

    Now let us see firstly the advantages of using internet:-

    1. With the help of internet we can communicate with anyone sitting far away from us.

    2. We can use various apps accessed by internet only.

    3. We can work from home itself , like now I am doing.

    4. We can search, browse about any topic.

    5. We can learn through internet. We can study with the help of internet access.

    6. We can play games online. We can chat with friends , family .

    7. We can order food, grocery, clothes, appliances and many thing.

    So yes internet is very important in our life but we are misusing it also

    1. We make internet as addiction . Day and night we are surfing internet.

    2. Children use internet in playing games wrostly . They become addictive to it.

    3. People do follow myths forwarded on internet and they have to face a lot.

    4. Internet is also become a crime center. Some people hack account and blackmail others.

    5. Also nothing is left private after the emergence of internet , now under peer pressure we have to share our details what we are thinking or doing now.

    So , I request everyone to look into the positive part only and please donot misuse internet.

    Thank you!!

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