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Activity Discussion General Discussion How you can say "Time is money". Explain with live examples. Reply To: How you can say "Time is money". Explain with live examples.

  • Rupali

    May 14, 2021 at 8:42 pm
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    Actually the importance of money and time is not much different. Only the difference between time and money is money can be earned back but elapsed time never come back.

    Man’s real wealth is his time. Time has so much power that it can change a people life completely. We really need to know the importance of time.

    “Time Is money” is a really good or famous phrase.Time never waits for anyone or anything as well as our success or failure in life depend on right use of time. The only difference between a rich people and poor people is how they use their time. Time is more valuable than money you cannot get more time.

    Time is always flows in a foreword direction which means time is irreversible so we should never waste time. We all know that time can never be brought back. But we still waste it doing unnecessary thing. We each get twenty four hours a day. How do we use it, it’s completely dependents on us.

    Everyone has to respect and understand the time value. Time plays a significant role in our lives.

    Time is more valuable compared than money.

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