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Activity Discussion History Why did british want to rule India? Reply To: Why did british want to rule India?

  • Edutuber

    May 15, 2021 at 4:05 pm
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    India was a land of richness back then when Britain came to India. India was rich with spices, cardamom, wheat and many other supplies. The major cause of colonization by Britain was with the aim to loot these abundant wealth. But when the Britain established its colony in India, they began to utilize Indians as their servants and slaves. Even Indian military officers were underpaid. British colonialism was started with the establishment of trade with Zamorins and British East India company. Gradually , East India company began to interfere in the political matters and it lead to a revolt known as first war of Indian independence. But it was a failure due to the lack of unity among Indians and it lead to Queen’s proclamation which made India a direct colony under the rule of then British queen, Elizabeth.The arrival of Britain also gave Indians a variety of foreign crops like cashew nut, tapioca and many other from foreign countries. Britain used Indian military for world war 1. The trade route opened by Britain flourished their wealth. Britain built roads and railways inorder to increase their wealth flow from trade through roadways.

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