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Activity Discussion Science & Technology How to make magnets? Reply To: How to make magnets?

  • Edutuber

    May 15, 2021 at 4:19 pm
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    Yes we can make magnets. But it is quite difficult to make a permanent magnet at home . But we can make a simple electromagnet at home. Before moving to the preparation we have to understand what is an electromagnet. All of us have seen electromagnets. At a car demolishing plant, brakes of the train etc are examples of implementation of electromagnets in daily life. Electromagnetism is the phenomenon behind the formation of electromagnets. When electricity is passed through a coiled solenoid it creates a magnetic flux around it. This magnetic flux is the reason for the attraction by electromagnets. The factors which affect the strength of the flux are meterial used, no of coils , intensity of electricity . As number of coils increases , electromagnetism increases, same in the case of intensity of electric current. We can make an electromagnet at home by using a 9v battery, copper wire and an iron nail. Wind the copper wire across the nail so that it forms a solenoid . After winding connect one end of the copper wire to positive terminal of the battery and other end to the negative terminal. When charge passes through the wire, it shows the property of a magnet. Never use batteries with high voltage or AC current for the experiment.

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