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Activity Discussion Essay Why is it said that a good book is like a best friend? Reply To: Why is it said that a good book is like a best friend?

  • Tejasri

    May 15, 2021 at 4:51 pm
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    It is said that the good book is like a best friend because it motivates us like our best friend.

    Like that of an hour best friend, a book teaches us, motivates, make us laugh, make us cry etc.

    Let us now look deep into how it acts like Good best friend,


    A good book teachers and one or the other way like the best friend. That is, Our best friend teaches us what is right and what is wrong, makes us know the need of the situation and also helps us to improve ourselves. In the similar way, a good book also teaches us what is life and how to live a good life. Using some of the examples, a book teaches us how to move on with the situation and how to solve the problems with confidence.


    I like that of the Whatever and have our Midas best friend, a good book motivates. Best friend motivates us when we are low and raises the spirit in us and fills the confidence within. In the similar way, a good book motivates an individual with the quotations and with the incidents. It fills the confidence in an individual to achieve high and to grow up.

    3. Makes cry:-

    Like that about best friend, a book also makes the person cry. Best friend makes us cry and one or the other situations. The tears maybe happy tears or the sad tears. In the similar way, while reading the book, an individual will cry looking at the conclusions sometimes. This is how a good book and may cry can make an individual cry.


    A good books makes an individual laugh like that of best friend. With all the jokes and in it makes the individual laugh and it makes the individual happy.

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