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  • Nehal

    May 15, 2021 at 11:58 pm
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    Stress is very harmful for a human body. It is a phenomenon in which our body releases certain level of hormones which causes increased heart rate, breathing etc. It can also be useful to cope up with certain situations but prolonged stress is always harmful for our body. Some of the harmful effects of stress are:-

    1. Depression- Stress can cause depression to a human being. In this state a human body is not able to conduct its day to day activities as the body is lethargic and weak. The person feels very sad.

    2. Insomnia- It is a state where a person is unable to sleep. Stress can also trigger insomnia. This can lead to physical and mental damage to a human body. A person needs to rest in order to be physically al and mentally fit.

    3. High blood sugar- Stress can trigger the lungs to release higher levels of glucose in our blood system which can lead to diabetes. It can also tighten our blood vessels which also causes high level of blood sugar. It is a very fatal disease.

    4. Heart attack- High level of stress can lead to heart attack. High blood pressure and increased heart rate for a prolonged period can damage the arteries which might lead to heart attack.

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