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Activity Discussion Essay Write an essay on International Nurses Day? Reply To: Write an essay on International Nurses Day?

  • Kumari

    May 17, 2021 at 12:31 pm
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    International nurses day is celebrated on 12th may every year from 1965. It is celebrated on this day as it is the birth anniversary of the founder of modern nursing Florence nightingle. The theme of the nurse of of 2021 was A voice to lead- a vision for future healthcare. In this tough time of pandemic nurses are the one who have there 100% leaving there family, children, home just to treat the patients and save them. Nurses have proved to be the god on the planet after doctors. More and more nurses are being infected, dying of covid but there are not feared by the virus. Nurses should not be blamed for someone’s death as all the patients are equal in her eyes and she will do whatever it costs to save her patient only if the patient is in the situation. Whether it is dutying in the covid ward or vaccinating the patients nurses are giving there best. Nurses are the one who care of the patients from the medicines to food water and also sanitation of the rooms, hospitals. Nurses are the frontline workers and are totally exposed to the virus. They should be supplied with thr proper barriers that can protect them from the virus like the face shields, surgical masks, sanitisers, gloves, head masks. There are a lot of nurses who died due to covid. Maybe because they were busy treating the patients when actually she needed the treatment. Let’s celebrate this day with hope and pray for the well being of the nurses and doctors that if they’ll stay fit we’ll also stay fit and even there is a family waiting for her at home and want her to stay fit. Co operate them and let her do the treatment she knows her job very well, atleast better than us.

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