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Activity Discussion Environment Why is oxygen necessary to survive and what will happen if there is no oxygen in Reply To: Why is oxygen necessary to survive and what will happen if there is no oxygen in

  • Soniya

    May 18, 2021 at 12:08 am
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    Human beings require some essential components to survive on this planet Earth. This essential components include sunlight, plants ,water, soil and many other things. Plants are one of the main essential requirements human beings. This is due to various reason plants provides us food and the other reason which is the main reason is plants provide us with the life-saving gas oxygen. Without oxygen humans won’t be able to survive on this planet.

    Plants produce food through their process of photosynthesis and oxygen gas is released as a by-product of this process. This oxygen gas which is released by plants is inhaled by human beings and other living organisms.

    Oxygen that is said to be a life saving gas because it is required in various important processes that is carried out in our body. It is required for respiration in human beings , which helps human beings to extract energy from the food consumed. All the cells in our body require oxygen for producing energy from the food. Oxygen help a body to replenish the old cell and build new cells. Oxygen it is important because it help us to continue our life processes smoothly. Without oxygen life cannot be imagined on planet Earth.

    Human beings inhale oxygen with the help of nose which travels through the windpipe and finally reaches lungs. The oxygen in the air is absorbed by the blood and is transported to various parts of the body, so that they can function well

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