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Activity Discussion Environment What are harmful Effects of Smoking on human beings? Reply To: What are harmful Effects of Smoking on human beings?

  • Sakchi

    May 18, 2021 at 2:05 pm
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    Smoking is very injurious to our health. Disclaimer or you can say warning is always written on the box of cigarettes . Knowing all the conditions ,still people are adversely using it. You can say People are addicted to it.

    Root causes why people started smoking:-

    1. It is mostly seen in the children specially teenager , under peer pressure they started using it. Sometimes due to intimate relationship they started smoking and all kinds of addiction.

    Also they stated that smoking is something like being cool . But as unknowingly it becomes a habit or addiction .

    2. Mental illusion that after smoking they feel calm and will have a proper sleep but it is not the truth.

    Now let us discuss about the harmful effects of smoking:-

    1. Smoking is very injurious to our health . Seviour smoking will cause emphysema commonly called lung disease. Asthma and sometimes cardiac arrest also..

    Also it slows down our metabolic processes. We might feel problem of weight decrease.

    2. It is believed that person who smoke just after having their meal will smoke equal to ten cigarette.

    3. Addiction of anything is adverse.

    4. People who is smoking and the other person who is enhaling the smoke will be affected more than the person who is smoking.

    5. Smoking not only effects our health but it also affects your family relationships too. Money shortage , addiction are some of the post affect of smoking.

    6. Smoking will also cause lung cancer and lastly death . As you know cancer is itself a deadliest disease and too much smoking will make it happen to you.

    Smoking has also its impact on environment too.

    1. It cause pollution as well.

    2. Also it causes health hazardous to people around you.

    3. It also effect to the animals or pets living with you.

    Thus I want to convey that smoking is very dangerous for our health .

    We should say no to smoking

    Thank you!!

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