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Activity Discussion Grammar & Vocabulary State difference between the optative and exclamatory sentences. Reply To: State difference between the optative and exclamatory sentences.

  • Ishita

    May 18, 2021 at 2:35 pm
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    Optative Sentence and exclamatory sentence are quite similar to each other. That’s why we sometimes get confused between this two sentences. Optative sentence is a type of exclamation which we use to wish or pary something, on the other hand exclamatory sentence is to use to express any kind of a expression, we can’t categories this sentence into something. The both sentence are end with a exclamatory Mark (!).But it isn’t easy to identify these sentences so let’s lean about the differences between these two sentence. It will help you to identify these two sentence .

    Differences between Optative sentence and Exclamatory sentence:-

    1).Optative sentence are use to wish or pray, But exclamatory sentence are use to describe joy, grief, sorrow, surprise etc.

    2) Optative sentence are used in a positive way as we only wish or pray for something always in a positive way, But in exclamatory sentence every positive and negative emotions are include, like sorrow, grief and also joy and happiness.

    3) Optative sentence are only use for expressing blessing towards some like wish or pray, But exclamatory sentence are used express all kind of feelings.

    4) Optative sentence can be categorised easy as it only use to express blessing, but Exclamatory sentence can’t easily categories.

    5) Optative sentence is a kind of exclamatory sentence as in exclamatory sentence we can also use to express blessing, But exclamatory sentence is not a kind of optative sentence.

    6) In optative sentence phrases like may, wish are used much of the times ,but in exclamatory sentence phrases like, Yeah, Hurray, alas are often used.


    Optative sentence:-

    May you have a prosperous life!

    Wish you a very happy new year!

    Long live the queen!

    May your life become easier!

    May you have a long life.

    Exclamatory sentence:-

    Alas! He died today.

    Hurray we won the match!

    What a beautiful painting !

    Stop this nonsense right now!

    Yeah! It’s a girl.

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