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Activity Discussion Environment What are harmful Effects of Smoking on human beings? Reply To: What are harmful Effects of Smoking on human beings?

  • Tejasri

    May 18, 2021 at 5:30 pm
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    There are many harmful effects of smoking human beings. It is very bad to smoke even in the public. Smoking is one of them major problem nowadays. Even most of the teenagers have habituated to the smoking.

    It is very important to know whether to smoke or not and it is also equally important to bring awareness among the people who don’t understand the date of the situation. There are adverse affects of smoking and some of them includes the following:

    1. Respiratory problems:-

    Smoking damages the lungs and it is the main cause for many of the respiratory problems.It disturbs the health of the lungs and brings the functioning of the lungs down. While smoking, due to the smoke the inner parts of the lungs gets damaged and they also function week.

    2. Weakens the person:-

    It’s effect is not only on the lungs or the respiratory system. It’s effect is also on the remaining organs of the body indirectly.

    3. Harmful even though when not smoked but exposed to smoke:-

    It is equal harmful when exposed to the smoke even though when not smoked. So, it’s very important to be distanced with the people who smoke.

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