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Activity Discussion Essay Autobiography of a pen Reply To: Autobiography of a pen

  • Ishita

    May 18, 2021 at 5:36 pm
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    Autobiography of pen

    I am a pen, I am blue , and I have black ink. In this educating world I’m very essential to every people. I remember the fist time I was manufacturing in a factory, there are so many types of pen there like-ball pen, gel pen, Fancy pen. I still remember the machine who made me, it was a very big machine so many people were working on it. After I was completely made they put me in box with my many pens. I’m a gel pen, so I put in the box with other gel pens. I’m a very fancy pen so my price was really high. My box is put in truck . After several days I reach a shopping mall. I was placed in the study counter of a shop with other pens. In my first day I saw many people who came near me and put me in their hands. Most of the time I saw young people and kids with their parents who probably came to buy pen. I spent a week in the shopping counter but after two days a sweet girl and her mother come near me they pick me and took me to the counter, they bought me. I remember she is my owner and her name is Maya. I love her so much she always took good care of me. Always placed me in her pencil box. She never threw me or hit, even she changed my refill when it gets over. But suddenly one day every thing change she started neglecting me, she hardly wrote with me. After few days passed she was like not looked at me at all. After few days passed I saw her mother checking her box, and she told her I’m so dirty and old now, so it’s better if she throws me and bought a new pen. I really felt very sad. Next day they threw me at the trash can. After some time a truck full of trash came and pour me into their back. The truck through me in a hole of garbage. I heard that they today melt the garbage . So I’m totally be destroyed today. This is my story.

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