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Activity Discussion Essay Autobiography of a pen Reply To: Autobiography of a pen

  • Anushree

    May 18, 2021 at 6:05 pm
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    I was manufactured with nearly thousands of twins, who looked exactly like me and have the same feature. I was styled in a green outlook but would write in blue, my nib was thin and the design of my cap was very delicate for which I was very famous in the market. I used to write with a very smooth buttery texture for which people especially students kept me aside to write special things. Soon after manufacture I was placed in a plastic box which was then wrapped by a cardboard packaging and was arranged with my other friends in a huge cartoon.

    We travelled from the manufacturing factory to a storage of a wholesale market and from there we were divided. I with some of my friends went to a tiny retail stationary shop. And one fine day a sweet girl came up to the shop and asked for a nice blue pen, the shopkeeper displayed me along with some other pens, but the girl at once grabbed me and she brought me home.

    In the first day I was there in my packaging. In the second day she took me out with great care tried me on a piece of paper and at once loved me. She then placed me in her pen stand this was my new home. I use to write for her wherever she needed and she handled me with great care and respect. Days were passing by and one such day while I was writing with the girl some English assignment of her’s my ink did end; she took a look at my refill and understood the fact. She further capped me bid me a good bye and put me out for recycling. This was all about my short beautiful life.

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