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Activity Discussion General Discussion Should students follow a daily routine? Reply To: Should students follow a daily routine?

  • Ishita

    May 19, 2021 at 2:14 pm
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    We all have a ambition to achieve something in our lives. No one wanted to be a failure. If you want to be successful than it’s better to be prepare after our 1st board exam, that’s mean our 10 th exam. We all aware that after class 10 our streams will be divide into Science , Arts/Humanities and Commerce. Some of you have already decided what to study in future but there are major numbers who hasn’t decided yet. You can study the subject you are interested in. If you hasn’t found you intrest so let’s find, I’m goona give you the information regarding the three so it will be easy to decide


    Science is the most stream, most of students are wanted to study science after 10th.But science stream also divided into two from, Pure science and bio science. Pure science includes subjects such as chemistry, physics,astrophysics geology, mathematics, oceanography, operations research ,material sciences,agricultural science, biochemistry, bioinformatics, biomedical science, engineering, biophysics, biotechnology, botany and environmental science. And bio science included biology, psychology, environmental biology, neurobiology, zoology,microbiology, genetics, home science, Nutrition science etc.


    Arts or humanities is also very popular among the students, its include the most subject among the three stream. The subject included to arts stram are language, literature, history, philosophy, political science, law, journalism, sociology, archeology, anthropology, computer science, English literature, home management,Hindi, Urdu,economic and many more. Some of science subject like geography, nutrition, psychology etc you can also study in arts.


    This stream is popular among those students who wanted to bulid their career in banking or in business management. It included subjects like, accountancy, business study, economics, Mathematics, statistics, and many more.

    Apart from the subjects of these three stream there are also some complacency subjects included like environmental studies, English, and other regional language like Hindi, urdu, Bengali etc.

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