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Activity Discussion Essay Essay Reply To: Essay

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 19, 2021 at 8:53 pm
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    MOTHER: the most beautiful word that can utter from the tounge of mankind. We can say the life time when our parents are alive was the most precious time in our life. As a mother she dedicate her whole life with her children, as a wife she dedicate her life with her husband, and as a daughter in law too. Every women in her heart she wishes to be a mother while she seems a baby.

    Motherhood is the most beautiful period in the life of a woman. She sacrifices all intrest, wishes, aims as well as her job or Education too. While she knew that she is carrying, at that time she became a warrior by protecting her baby. We can hear many incidents from the medical field about the complection of the pregnancy. Sometimes the doctors can’t able to support their pregnancy while regarding the physique of the mother. At that time her mental power to be at its peak.

    Mother grow up a child by full alert , her character be changed completely. She was full busy with the world of family. Everytime and for everything her children and husband needs her. Always children calls “Amma, Amma”. After they grew up they were busy in their world. They won’t have enough time to spend with their parents. At that time mother and father became husband and wife.

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