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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Discuss the classification of fruits. Reply To: Discuss the classification of fruits.

  • Aparajita

    May 19, 2021 at 8:57 pm
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    · Fruit: Definition

    Fruits are formed by seeds that grow under different climatic and other resources like water requirement and temperature. They can be eaten and cherished once sweet and readily edible. However, it is very important to have knowledge about fruits. In other words, not all fruits are juicy as they may look, some are not edible, as they are not suitable for human digestive system.

    · Fruit: Types

    The fruits are broadly divided into four types, namely:

    1. Simple fruits

    Example- Apple, Plums, Nuts

    2. Aggregate fruits

    Example- Raspberry, Blackberry

    3. Multiple fruits

    Example- Pineapple, Mulberry

    4. Accessory fruits

    Example- false fruits (which are grown naturally through seeds)

    · Fruit: Classification

    The fruits are broadly classified into the above-mentioned types on the basis of their texture, consumption and availability.

    When classified, here is a brief segregation:

    a) Nuts

    b) Berries

    c) Legume

    d) Drupe

    e) Caryopsis

    f) Achene

    I hope this answer helps! 😊

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