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Activity Discussion Essay Autobiography of a pen Reply To: Autobiography of a pen

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 19, 2021 at 9:44 pm
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    I don’t know who am I. On the day they created me they called me ‘blue pen’. I have a long and thin body and had a cap on my tip. My tip was nailed with ink. A machine took me and put me in a box. In that box i see many others like me, everyone looks like me, like a twin. I surprised how it happen? A pen told that it is because of the machine that we made. And now the owner collect us to a shop for selling us. I asked him why they selling us? And what are our duties? He said that there is a group named humans, they need us to write and draw for their wish. To be their weapon is our duties. We must do what they wish. After our ink get empty they threw out us. We became useless. Oh god. At that time i heard a sound the owner of us and other one were saying about us. The new shop owner set up us infront of his shop. One day a man and brought me. I say goodbye to my friends.

    The shopkeeper cover me in a plastic bag. I can’t take breath. After sometime later the man who choose me opened the cover and took me out. I feel happy. I tried to say something to him. Unfortunately he won’t reply. I don’t know why. But he talking to other people in that room. He took me and a paper board and went out he sits in a garden. I am happy because he is going to use me. I am waiting for a long time. But he won’t write with me. Won’t write anything. This was repeated for a few days. Later one day he tries to write something then he enjoyed the writing. For a long time i am working with his hand. One day my refill gets empty. I stopped working. But my owner doesn’t threw me out. He sets me in a show case . One day his friends come here and my owner present me by saying that ‘i wrote the story with this pen which I got award recently’. I feel proud. At that time i wish to see who were with me in the show case. I saw six pens and many awards there.

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