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Activity Discussion Essay How does communication helps in maintaining peace and harmony in the society? Reply To: How does communication helps in maintaining peace and harmony in the society?

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 19, 2021 at 9:59 pm
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    Communication plys an important role in the life of people. With out proper communication it is difficult to go on. Every thing in the world have their own types of communication. Animals, birds everything communicate eachother. But we don’t have any idea about their communications. Sometimes we assumes that our pets are talking us like this or that.

    In the present situation most of the people won’t intrested to talk face to face. They were live in the world of virtual platform. Their communications happens in there. They have hundreds or thousands of friends in social media, but they don’t know eachother. We have a culture before the spreading of the virtual platforms. Old people were talking in the small teashops about the politics, cinema, sports etc. They share their ideas about the current conditions of the country. They starts a argument if anything need a change or if a decision taken by authorities that was not suitable for the people, then they starts to protest. If there is any misunderstanding between them they can talk each other and have a compromise. In the house the neighborhood women talks about the new food they made, new fashion, serial stories, about roumers etc. So they share their ideas and have time pass while completed their works.

    The proper communication between the people help to keep peace in the society. Every protest were break out from a small teashops among a four or five people. Like that with this four or five people and with their talks it is easy to keep calm about a worst situation .

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