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Activity Discussion Environment Explain scarcity of water. Reply To: Explain scarcity of water.

  • Soniya

    May 20, 2021 at 1:06 am
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    Human beings require some essential components to live on this planet Earth. Sunlight plants food water soil are some such components without which life would not be possible on this planet. So for life to continue water is an essential resource. Without water no living organism can survive on this planet. Water plays a vital role in many key functions in our day to day life. Nowadays water is also used for various other purposes other than just life processes. Some of the important uses of water are listed below:

    1.Water supports life in the aquatic biome. It forms the base of the marine ecosystem. Without water living creatures like fishes, whales etc won’t exist.

    2.It is used for the generation of electricity

    3.It is used as a coolant and lubricant in various industries.

    4. It boosts the tourism of many sites and generates revenue.

    5.It forms the basis of all life functions in human beings and other living creatures.

    6.It helps plants create food through photosynthesis, without which no living creature will get energy.

    Human being have exploited all the resources very much. The story of water resources is no different. Water resources have undergone major pollution due to Industrial waste which are released untreated into the water bodies. Also people bathe in waters, wash clothes, bathe cattle, release household waste in water bodies etc. All these activities have lead to serious water pollution crisis.

    Also, humans don’t use their existing resources judiciously. If water pollution and it’s overuse continues at such a high rate then,soon we would run out of fresh water resources.

    We as responsible citizens should make sure that we Do not waste water and use it judiciously. Here are some steps you can follow to reduce the wastage of water in your houses.

    1. Don’t keep the tap on while brushing.

    2. Instead of shower take a bucket bath

    3. Try to reuse the water. Water used for washing Vegetables etc. can be used to water the kitchen garden plants

    Always try to come up with more innovative ways to save water. Water is the most essential resource and it is our duty to protect it from depletion and over pollution.

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