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Activity Discussion Essay How does communication helps in maintaining peace and harmony in the society? Reply To: How does communication helps in maintaining peace and harmony in the society?

  • tanya

    May 20, 2021 at 1:29 am
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    We generally say that language is very powerful, it can resolve conflicts between people, but also it has the power to create misunderstandings between them. Communication is the creation and exchange of thoughts and information among different people. It can indeed be used as a medium of peace-building.

    Communication is essential for decision-making and planning in an organization as well. The decisions need to be taken after having a proper meeting with its employees. Thereafter, whatever decision has been taken is to be communicated with the rest of their employees. Communications foster the smooth operations of the organization. The objective of management cannot be completed until there is a unity of purpose and harmony of effort. It binds the people together and expedites coordination. It is only through communication that management can present a good corporate image to the outside world as well. Effective communication serves the management in sustaining healthy relations with its workers, customers, vendors, shareholders, government, and the community at large.

    Communication is also required to maintain harmony in society. They are useful for eradicating misunderstandings if any. Whatever differences that get created among the people need to be solved and that can happen only if they interact with each other and talk things out. Because of this, communication is required in maintaining peace in society. It helps in increasing friendships in the environment as miscommunication often results in conflicts among people. The world is befuddled with conflicts. Statistics indicate there are a greater number of conflicts occurring these days. Poor communication in people is what causes conflicts and effective communication is what succeeds relationships.

    Thoughts start building up if there is any kind of misunderstanding between people. To overcome this burden of deliberations, it is advised to communicate with each other and whatever is the problem, try to cut it out of everyone’s life.

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