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Activity Discussion Environment Save Environment Essay Reply To: Save Environment Essay

  • Sakchi

    May 20, 2021 at 1:05 pm
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    Environment is the place where life exists. We ( humans ) with several animal , birds , plants , bacteria , viruses and many more constitute this environment. Environment include both biotic as well as abiotic things .

    Biotic :- living organisms like plants , animals etc.

    Abiotic :- Non – living organisms like river, mountain , pleatues , plains etc.

    Both biotic and abiotic things are equally important to maintain balance in our environment. But as we know “there is enough to satisfy everyone’s need but not anyone’s greed” yes we become greedy . And it is not wrong to say that human being are one of the most dangerous for our environment.

    He is the one who cut lots of trees on daily basis to construct bridges, factories, building their homes.

    He is the only one who is severely polluting or environment . By using lots of private vehicles, smoking , industrial pollution and many more

    We people directly throw industrial waste in river , this will directly effect the life of aquatic animals and also make river toxic . If any animal drink this water he will ultimately die.

    Yes it is a need of hour to save our environment otherwise our own life will be in danger. Ways to protect our environment:-

    1. Plant more and more trees . As you know plants provide life supporting gas oxygen and also helps in controlling climatic change and ozone layer depletion.

    2. Industrial discharge should have proper disposal system . It should not be mixed directly with river water.

    3. Total bann on using plastic bag and government should take strict action against it.

    4. High fine on deforestation .

    5. People should start using public transport . Also use CNG as your fuel because it is eco-friendly .

    5. Use only eco- friendly product only to upgrade the quality of nature.

    6. Using of resources in sustainable manner so it can be left for our future generations also.

    Save earth ! Protect earth!

    Thank you!!

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