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Activity Discussion Essay Write a creative essay on the topic Orphanage: A curse. Reply To: Write a creative essay on the topic Orphanage: A curse.

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 20, 2021 at 9:19 pm
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    No one in the world born as an orphan. But the situation makes them a label that they are orphans. We can see that many of the small cities, towns even though in the village too we can see orphanages. This increases the mother or father to send their children to orphanages if the parents can’t able to afford them. But in the early years most of the family are joint families and a parent have more than three children. They are manage to grew up them if they were very poor financial condition. Because their assets are their children and family. Sometimes they won’t get enough food for everyone. But they share equally to reduce their starving. During that time orphanages are very rare. Some missionaries protect less than ten children with them if their parents were not alive or have any severe disease.

    In the present condition, family became micro. A family contains husband wife and one or two children. They are not get enough time to spend with family. Everyone ran behind the money. It result the crack of dawn of the family. They don’t have any further recheck. Directly goes towards divorce. The victims are always the children. If the mother don’t have enough money to afford a child she sent him to a orphanage. That child loses his entire life. In some cases there are other people who were not married legally but through their relation they have a baby. They have only choice to drop him in an orphanage. This is because of the emerging of the orphanages. If there is no orphanages where they drop or sent the children if they don’t want them. At that time they will be more alert either live with their children or don’t have a baby illegally. Sometimes it be a boon, it is helpful for the children who lost their family in a disaster, accident or the family needs the children but they won’t educate them properly etc. But don’t label them as an orphan.

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