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Activity Discussion Essay Education should be free in India Reply To: Education should be free in India

  • Shweta

    May 21, 2021 at 9:47 am
    Not Helpful

    Education is declared as the most important part of human’s life. Especially in today’s time, being uneducated helps you nowhere. In order to cope up with the pace of moving and improving world, we need to be educated. In the earlier days, though education was not that important but as compared to today, everything is based on the education and degrees we have with us.

    Being educated till std 12 is also not up to the needs of recruiters. Henceforth, in order to get an appropriate job, one needs to be graduated atleast.

    In today’s time, the matter is not till being educated. Though the education is important for each and every child,but their exist many parents who wants their child to get admitted in a good school and even their children wants to study with whole heart, but they cannot afford it.

    The fees and annual charges of the schools are so high that not every parent can pay. The students who wants to excel in their life cannot study at a good place. These things demotivates the student and distracts them from their path.

    So, in order to avoid this, Education should be free because being educated is a right of every student. The parents will also not have to worry about the fee and charges of the school. The students who are willing to study will excel in their field and our country will get more great minds. Such students should be encouraged so that without any problem and conceiving any discrimination they can study well.

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