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Activity Discussion Environment How do plastic bags harm our environment and sea life? Reply To: How do plastic bags harm our environment and sea life?

  • Ishita

    May 21, 2021 at 11:04 am
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    Plastic is the most destructive material for our environment. Plastic is a non-biodegradable material, that’s mean it can not get destroyed by anything except heat. Plastic pollution increase day by day for its usefulness, as it is not so expensive very cheap in price and it’s very easy to use. Nowadays plastic bags were seen everywhere like houses, malls etc. But when you use it can you ever think how it’s harm wildlife, mankind and aquatic lives, really not! Right! So let’s learn about how it’s harm our environment and. The sea life or aquatic life.

    Water pollution:- plastic bags pollutes the sea, river and every possible water body. After using many people through it on the water, that’s why millions of plastic material where found in the water bodies every year. Plastic make the water poisonous, and many of us unknowingly use it and harm ourselves. If we don’t stop using plastic, then in future every water bodies will be become fill with plastics.

    Harm the plants:- We all know that plants are the most important and precious part of environment and mankind, but if we throw plastic bags away anywhere then it will mix into the soil. Plastic is non-biodegradable material so it can’t get destroyed, it remains in the soil and pollute it. And when plants grow on the soil it gets harmed any many of time it died for the poisonous soil.

    Infertile the soil:- Soil is the most needed thing for grow crops and grains. For the crops we get food for living. But when the soil get polluted by the plastic it’s become infertile and can’t able to grown crops.

    Harm the aquatic animals:- Plastic bags become the most popular reason for deaths of the aquatic animals or sea animals. They mistakenly thought it as a food and swallow it and when it gets stuck on their thought they died by choke. Most of the time dolphins became the victim of it when the mistakenly ate plastic, it stuck on their mouth, and they can’t eat anything, so they live day by day without food and eventually died of starvation. Plastic killed millions of dolphins in a year.

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