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Activity Discussion Environment What is deforestation? Reply To: What is deforestation?

  • Sakchi

    May 22, 2021 at 8:20 am
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    Deforestation means cutting down Of trees on the large scale. Deforestation is basically a task done for fulfilling the greed of people. Now a question must be arising in your mind why deforestation than the answer is:-

    1. For construction of road or flyover to connect one city with another or for minimizing traffic .

    2. To own land as their private property as now a days there is tendancy of having everything personal.

    3. For construction of industry . Various industries are emerging they require land for set up.

    4. For Using timber of trees for making wood products and furnitures.

    5. For using timber during winters.

    But these practices degrades the quality of environment. Trees and forest plays a very important role in our environment as:-

    They are the source of life saving gas oxygen and provide us pure air for free.

    It binds the soil and check soil erosion.

    It decreases the climatic change and ozone layer depletion. Also it controls global warming.

    Effects of deforestation:-

    1. Oxygen level is decreasing day by day also we are facing pollution issues .

    2. Extreme climatic change , we are now facing extreme summer and extreme winter.

    3. Global warming condition is increasing day to day.

    4. Several animal lives are destroyed by cutting down of forest.

    Yes , I am not saying to not use forest products but to use it in sustainable manner .

    Thank you!!

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