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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on importance of trees? Reply To: Essay on importance of trees?

  • Nehal

    May 22, 2021 at 10:47 am
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    “There would be massive extinctions of all groups of organisms, both locally and globally “

    – Jayme Prevedello

    Tress and Plants are very important for humans to survive. If there are no Tress and Plants, the planet earth will not Survive. Animals, cattle who survive on plants and grasses will be dead, they won’t be able to survive. Tress also prevent soil erosion.

    Trees help us to clean the air.

    It helps to absorb Carbo dioxide.

    Tress promise oxygen to us, which is very important for everyone.

    It is home for to many birds.

    It provides food for both humans and animals.

    If there are too many trees planted by the roadside it protects us from direct sun light.

    Direct sunlight would enter houses if there are no tress and plants.

    If there are no tress, then there will be no forest, hence all the endangered specials, wild animals would enter the residential areas.

    If there are no tress, then there will be no forest, there will be no fresh air.

    There would be no rain.

    Tress also absorbs different types of pollutant gases which are present in the air because of pollution.

    If there are no tress, streets don’t cool down easy.

    Trees also shield children when they are playing out door games, from direct ultra-violet rays which falls into one’s skin.

    Trees also helps us know the season, spring, autumn etc.

    Trees also provide woods.

    Studies revel that tress helps to stop violence.

    Tress also help to create economic opportunities, like fruit harvesting.

    The process of photosynthesis would not take place.

    If there are no tress, there would be water wars.

    If there are no tress, there would be no products which are made out of tress and plants, no organic products.

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