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Activity Discussion Environment What is deforestation? Reply To: What is deforestation?

  • Shweta

    May 22, 2021 at 12:02 pm
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    Deforestation is a known word which means cutting down of trees and harming the environment.

    In today’s modern time, deforestation has been promoted a lot, whether legally or illegally. It is because of the rise in population. The population in our country is rising everyday and it has reached to such extent that people are not getting the place to live and work. For this, the solution has been taken to cut down the forests and trees to make the buildings, companies etc. For the sake of humans benefit.

    Therefore, no doubt occurs that the process of deforestation affects us directly and indirectly. As because, lesser the trees, lesser the rainfall. The rainfall has been so much less because their exist very less trees. Due to lack of rainfall, the droughts and floods occur.

    Second thing is, cutting down the forest and trees are the reason why we do not get fresh air and oxygen. The companies and factories has made its place so much that the air gets mixed up with harmful smokes and we humans gets problem of breathing. These are the reasons why new diseases occur.

    In order to live a healthy life,one should demote deforestation and promote afforestation. Planting the trees will help not only us but also to our future generations. Everything should be done by keeping in mind that there will be next generation as well and for them we need to secure our earth with a betterment.

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