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  • Ishita

    May 22, 2021 at 12:23 pm
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    Plants are the most precious gift of the world.Afforestation and deforestation is both related to plants. These two very different kinds of movement. So let’s lean about it –

    Differences between Afforestation and deforestation:-

    1) Afforestation mean planting of trees,when we increase the planting of trees it’s called Afforestation. And Deforestation is exact opposite of afforestation it means cutting down of plants, when we increase destroying trees it called deforestation.

    2) Afforestation left a very positive impact on our environment, it will nourish our environment in every possible way, on the other hand deforestation left a very negative impact towards our nature, citing down of will be make destructive consequences in the environment.

    3) Trees are the biggest friend of mankind, if we increase planting trees , it will provide us with food, medicine and many important resources which can make us prosperous, that’s why afforestation is a very good step. But deforestation throw us towards a destructive future by cutting down of trees.

    4) Afforestation will heal our environment prevent pollution, soil erosion, flood, drought etc, but Deforestation will damage our nature, if stop planting and destroy it then pollution, flood, drought , soli will increase day by day.

    5) Afforestation can prevent global warming, but deforestation increase global warming .

    6) Afforestation will save the world and mankind, but deforestation will destroy the world and mankind.

    7) Afforestation will make us prosperous in many possible way, but deforestation destroy our lives and nature.

    8) Afforestation will increase the fertilize rate of soil, but deforestation will decrease the fertilize rate of soil.

    9) Afforestation will prevent pollution, like soil pollution,water pollution,air pollution etc

    and heal our nature, on the other hand deforestation will increase pollution day by day.

    10) We should increase afforestation, on the other hand we should decrease deforestation .

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