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Activity Discussion Environment What is deforestation? Reply To: What is deforestation?

  • Anushree

    May 22, 2021 at 12:36 pm
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    Deforestation is the practice of cutting down trees for various human needs. Deforestation in increasing at an alarming rate. Huge forests are being cleared to transform the space into developed cities, Trees are being cut down to use the wood to make furniture, papers and many other goods. Trees are being cut randomly without much trees being planted and this has already turned into a global issue.

    Harm which deforestation causes:

    1. Trees bind the roots of the soil and thus help in avoiding soil erosion, once the trees are cut the soil is left loose and is eroded very easily.

    2. Tress provide us with oxygen and absorbs the carbon dioxide, with a smaller number of trees around carbon dioxide emitted by us is not being absorbed at a greater rate and as a result global warming is increasing.

    3. With forests being cleared many wild animals are losing home and thus are exposed out as a result of which many of them even die, this is destroying the balance between the flora and fauna and is creating a great ecological imbalance.

    4. Trees play an important role in rain with a smaller number of tress even the rain cycle is getting disturbed which is causing water scarcity and many other problems.

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