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Activity Discussion Essay Essay on importance of vaccines? Reply To: Essay on importance of vaccines?

  • Shweta

    May 22, 2021 at 4:53 pm
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    Covid-19 is a disease which is known to the whole world. The disease which came as a curse to the whole world which destroyed many human lives. This communicable disease, which is there between us yet, is taking it’s stronger phase day by day. Even till today, the death rate is not decreased yet. The waves of corona virus is spreading in different forms between us. A single disease made everything stopped and backward. People started to choose to give up their lives due to the lockdown imposed by government. Covid-19 has made people starve and face below poverty line.

    Hereafter, it took a very long time to find its vaccine. The vaccines has been made and tested and after the researchs it has came till public by goverment. The vaccines are being assured to be totally safe. Therefore, we should have faith on the vaccines and should take a dose at our time. The vaccines are in so much demand that the slot gets booked within 3 minutes from when the vaccine reaches. It is a good thing because people are trusting the vaccines and taking it.

    One should not spread any fake news for the vaccination because it is ensured that corona virus will not take it’s dangerous phase in your body when you will be vaccinated. Henceforth, start influencing people to take the vaccine and save their lives.

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