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Activity Discussion Environment What are forest fires? Reply To: What are forest fires?

  • Jyothi krishna

    May 23, 2021 at 8:37 pm
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    Forest fire commonly happened by two ways as naturally and by human activities. In our world there are a large area covered by forest. Some forest are opened for the exploration of tourists and some are not. Other forest the government strictly prohibited the entrance of people because there are many rare biodiversity and ecosystem.

    Naturally forest fire or wild fire happens because of dry climate and lightings. We can see most of the forest fire happens in the time of summer season. At that time it is easy to catch fire from one to other. If a fire happens in a central part of a forest it is easy to spread fastly in dry climate. If the starting point was central part it is not easy to handle it. That happens in the forest fire in Munnar, the tourist area in Tamilnadu. That disaster few tourists lost their lives. In the counties like Canada, Australia, Amazon forest the reason for fire is lightings. Thunder is a carrier of electricity.

    The second reason is because of human activities. In the forest there are some adventure tourist who likes to explore new places that are difficult to find. Sometimes it may be in a forest. The camping the forest may be because of their carefulness a piece of fire cause a wild fire. And some farmers who lives in the entrance of forest uses fire and electricity for staying away the animals who destroys their crops. These also leads to forest fire.

    These forest fire sometimes results to the loss of life of humans. But this fire always happens to destroys many animals birds ecosystem etc. And by forest fire a land scape was directly removed from the earth.

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