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Activity Discussion Essay Father Reply To: Father

  • Anushree

    May 24, 2021 at 4:54 pm
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    “Father a daughters’ first love and a son’s first hero”- A father is an irreplaceable relation and his value in the lives of his children are immense. Since the time of birth, a father becomes extremely responsible for a child, it is true that a father may not give birth to a child but he always loves and cares for his child just the way a mother does. Generally, fathers are less expressive but they never fail to express their love to their children. A father never hesitates to compromise his own needs in order to fulfil the desires of his child, a child is the weakest and most sensitive part to a father and they don’t even think twice to go to any extent for their child.

    While a mother takes care of all the domestic needs it’s a father who handles the outside world in most families, we get to see the father as the bread winner for the family, he works hard day and night to get the best possible things for his child and family. The sacrifices a father makes are always silent but serves major demands. A father is always ready to jump into any problem for the sake of this child and family.

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