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Activity Discussion General Discussion What do you mean by mental peace? Reply To: What do you mean by mental peace?

  • Manpreet

    May 24, 2021 at 9:06 pm
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    This question on mental peace is not only different but something really important to be discussed seeing the current scenario of this generation.

    Mental peace is a state of mind – mindfulness, a state of happiness, where chaos and other stresses don’t harm our behavior – a state where the mind is not rushed over by anxiety and overwhelming thoughts. Stuck in the past or worrying about the future not only disturbs our present but also disturbs our inner peace. We sometimes lose our calm over trifles and regret later. This guilt sometimes eats up our peace of mind. However, it is our responsibility to maintain a mental calm – no matter what.

    Some experts also compare our mind to an ocean – always stirring with thoughts and the anxieties leading to the storms that disrupt our mental peace. Fear, expectations, failure, past and anything we stress over can disturb our mental peace.

    How can we maintain it?

    Being mentally peaceful not only keeps us happy but also increases our efficiency in our tasks.

    1. Meditation – it is the most powerful way to gain back your mental peace. It not only creates a peaceful balance but also strengthens our ability to think and power to concentrate. A daily meditation of 15 – 30 minutes can easily lead us to peace and harmony.

    2. In a world of social media, let no social media hamper your mental peace. The moment we post something, we wait for the number of likes and positive comments. Social media has, unknowingly, hampered our mental health. Try and avoid using excess of this stuff as it will lead to nothing but stress. Stressing over the posts and number of likes will take you no where. Try to eliminate anything that brings a negative impact on your behavior.

    3. Don’t dwell on the past – as it is said, let bygones be gone. Don’t stress over emotional memories of the past. Let it go. Don’t stress over the mistakes of the past. It will lead to nothing but a great turmoil of troublesome thoughts in your head. Once you stop thinking about the memories of the past that has been haunting you – you’ll find yourself internally happy with no anxieties.

    4. Forgive and forget – keeping a grudge will do no good to you. Let it go!! Holding on to your anger will make it impossible for you to find inner peace. It will only harm you. Let go of the anger, forgive and forget – not for the other person but for your inner peace.

    These were a few points that can help you maintain or regain your mental peace. Cultivate your thoughts and actions with an effort that helps you remain peaceful. Let go off the worries and troubles of the past or future. Live in the present. Help yourself heal from within. Take a walk. Spend some time with yourself. Do something that your heart enjoys. Praise the beauty of nature. Your peace of mind depends on you.

    Stay safe

    I hope
    this helps.🌸

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