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Activity Discussion History Industrial revolution Reply To: Industrial revolution


    May 25, 2021 at 6:02 pm
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    In around 1750, there were drastic changes were occurring. It marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. At that time, people discovered a different and new source of energy. These have the tendency to fuel for more amount of work. The source which we are talking about is the fossil fuel: coal, natural gas, oil. Coal was also one of them as the formation of this was also through natural sustainable methods. Burning this fuel to certain ignition temperature releases energy, This energy is built in the materials as they are naturally obtained from the earth. Hence, nothing is derived or unnatural. These are results of storing, decomposing, and forming for millions of years.

    The formation of Coal was marked at the time when huge trees fell and they went totally underwater. Physically what happened is that the pressure that is occurring due to the heavy mass of the objects spread above forced them to form compressing rock, which is carbonic in nature.

    The oil and gases are formed in similar ways too. For over a hundred million years, when along with trees the organic animal skeletons also went underwater bodies and got buried and locked away into the sediment, the same situation occurred. Again the pieces of these stuffs were all forced to stay put inside due to extreme conditions of water and soil. Thus, they came into the earth.

    Although these are formed quite naturally, still their abundance is not sufficient for so many years.

    Inventions and Gifts of Industrial Revolution:

    1. This increased employment opportunities.

    2. They also invented X-ray, lightbulb.

    3. The most remarkable discovery was the combustible engine and the incandescent light bulb.

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